About Power North

What is Power North?

Power North is a collection of the best electricians in northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. 
Power North is a collaboration of IBEW 242, NECA, and electric contractors that empower and power the Arrowhead, Duluth, Superior, and the Brainerd Lakes area. They do this through providing electrical services, employing the best and most educated electricians in the region, empowering the community through volunteering and donations, and providing a better life for all involved. 

Our band of union electricians and contractors supply the highest standard in the region and offer over 500 workers ready to power up homes, businesses, and industries. At Power North, you can find all your electrical needs covered in one spot. 

What is IBEW? 

IBEW is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. It began in St. Louis, Missouri on November 21, 1891. They continue to work toward making sure electrical workers earn a proper wage and benefits that reflect their skill level. They also work hard to promote the safety of the workers. 

What is NECA? 

NECA is the National Electric Contractors Association. It was started in 1901 in Buffalo, New York to protect the electric industry by advancing innovations and building safety standards.