Mission and Vision

The story behind Power North.

Power North's Mission

We power northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin while empowering our employees and our communities since 1940. 

Power North's Values

Work ethic 


Both IBEW and NECA have helped countless electricians live a good life over the last century. They continue following their missions, no matter the trending union opinion. They are not looking for the spotlight, instead, they strive to garner attention for their members and their companies. The idea of Power North is to raise everyone up and work as a team.

Why should you choose a Power North contractor?

Our contractors are the best at what they do and give their best to the community. First, they are extremely educated. Everyone working for our contractors has five years of apprenticeship. No other place in the region can say that. They know their stuff and they get the job done right and on budget.

Secondly, besides their always spectacular work, our contractors have the highest safety standards. Every contractor is providing their employees with proper PPE and prioritizing their safety. This means people go home safe and sound every night. It also means that we have the lowest insurance modifiers, saving our clients money on insurance. It also means no time is lost to accidents and work gets done safely and efficiently.

Thirdly, our contractors and their workers play a large role in bettering the community. They give back to the community constantly. Sometimes it is donating money or manpower. Other times, it is putting efforts into hiring women and minorities. No matter what, our workers benefit the local area.

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