Knowledge is power.

Our electricians have the highest level of education.

Not just anybody becomes a Power North electrician. It takes years of dedication and hundreds of hours of hard work. We mean it when we say we only hire the best. Every one of our licensed master electricians must meet rigorous education standards and the National Electrical Code. 

What does that look like? Five years of training. 

Yep, our apprentices spend five years learning, training, and becoming the best electrical technicians. During their apprenticeship, the electricians in training work 8,000 hours in the field and spend 900 hours in the classroom. 

It’s a lot, but when you’re working with something as potentially dangerous as electricity, you can’t take any shortcuts. You need experts. People who have seen every situation and problem and worked it out. It’s tough. But our team is up to the task. 

When our apprentices fulfill their requirements, they are the best the industry can get. Because Power North contractors offer the best wages and benefits, we keep these A-class workers around. They stick with us and provide years of great service to our customers and community.  

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