Where the best electricians get their start.

For our apprentices, timing is everything.

Eight thousand hours of on job training. Nine hundred hours of classroom instructions. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a union electrician apprentice? 

Our 5-year Inside Wireman training program is built for the best. This course provided by the Electrical Training ALLIANCE and set by the State of Minnesota paves your way to becoming a union journeymen. Every hour working and learning will prepare you to join the highest educated and safety electrician workforce. It will also set you up for a longterm successful career with great benefits and good pay. Plus, when you’re trained through our program you’re taught the proper way to do everything. This means you’re safer on the job and surrounded by people prioritizing your safety. 

During your apprenticeship, you’ll assist full-time Power North teams in the field with the goal of joining them in the future. Even in this stage, you’ll be compensated fairly and see pay increases as the program progresses. Get paid while getting educated? It’s the ideal career path. 

Interested in joining our apprenticeship program? 

We’re always looking for hard workers looking for a teaching program that pays you to learn.