Don’t mess around with electricity. Hire the best.

The best electricians around. Period.

Whether it’s for your home or your business, look no further than Power North electricians. Our highly trained team of over 500 consists of highly trained apprentices, licensed journeymen, and foremen. Every one of them is put through rigorous training across every electrical situation. Which means you get experts that prioritize safety and getting the job done right. 

There are other contractors out there, but none can compare to our level of expertise. While they’ll bring a few qualified electricians to the jobsite to oversee things, our team will always consist of licensed master electricians with years of experience and training. We’re dedicated to providing the electricity you need where you need it. Our workers are paid a livable wage that goes back into the local economy because they live here, raise families here, and pay taxes here. 

Whatever your electrical needs, we can work with you to fulfill them.