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Benson Electric Lights Up the Future Pike Lake Golf Course Event Center

On the shores of Pike Lake, The Pike Lake Golf Course Event Center is taking shape. Just a few years ago it was a weedy, forgotten golf course. Thanks to new owners and the work of Power North member Benson Electric Company and electricians like Kyle Love, it will soon be a community gathering spot. 

Roger Anderson bought the course, gave it a major upgrade, and added a Clubhouse that included a restaurant, bar, and a great dining deck in 2020. 

According to an 2020 article from the Duluth News Tribune, “Four full-time carpenters and electricians have been working on the clubhouse for the past month and three full-time employees are working on the grounds along with the Anderson family.”

One of those electricians was Kyle Love. A 27-year veteran of the electrical industry, he has been working with Anderson since the start of the Pike Lake project. 

“[This job] It’s been good to me,” explains Love. “I’ve got no complaints. I like doing service work and running out in the van to help when needed.” 

Love and Benson played a big role in getting the lights on at the Clubhouse. Now, they’re working hard to do the same for the Event Center. 

We started with the clubhouse probably two years ago,” says Love. “And this project’s been probably a year.”

Power North members pride themselves on doing projects that bring the community together. This Event Center will be a great example. Once it’s finished, people from far and wide can gather for weddings, reunions, graduations, and more. Its location on Pike Lake makes for a perfect backdrop for any special occasion. 

“It’s been a good project,” comments Love. “Roger, the owner, has been a real good guy to work for.”

The project is estimated to be finished sometime next year. Until then, you’ll just have to check out Benson Electric’s handiwork at the Pike Lake Clubhouse. We recommend getting the prime rib.