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Powering a New Apartment Complex in Superior, Wisconsin

Power North member, Benson Electric, tackles a new 120-unit apartment.

Benson Electric, an electrical contractor serving northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, is in the midst of a large apartment complex build in Superior, Wisconsin. In late 2021, P&R Properties, a property management company in the Twin Ports, broke ground on a new building at 2600 Barden Avenue. The structure will be a 120-unit apartment complex and is set to open its doors in 2023. 

When it came to powering this massive project, P&R looked locally and wanted a union shop. Their choice? One of Power North’s proud partners, Benson Electric.

Powering New Housing

The apartment complex is a completely residential project that will add 120 units of living space to Superior. This is great news for a region struggling with a housing crisis. As of this writing, there was only one vacacy between the 4 apartment complexes P&R has already built in the area. 

“The complex will feature 120-units with studio, alcove, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom floor plans. Most of the apartment layouts will have private open-air decks and spacious layouts. The building will also feature a central amenity area for residents.” – WDIO

Housing couldn’t exist without power to keep lights on, coffee pots working, and appliances working. The complex is a big undertaking but the team at Benson is built for the task.

Meet Some Team Members

There’s a large group of electricians tackling the apartment complex. A few of these skilled tradespeople include electricians Andrew Erickson, Justin Kaiser, Hunter Holmes, and apprentice Connor Hady. 

“Our team has been working on this project for about 6 months,” explained Kaiser. “We will probably be on the job until the building is completed in April of next year.” 

In a project as complex as an apartment complex, there are many tasks that fall to electricians. 

“We’ve been doing a lot of underground conduit underground and putting electrical panels up. There are already many conduits up in the walls of the apartment building,” shares Hady. 

Holmes added, “We’ve been doing everything from main power to boxing out.” 

“Boxing out” is where an electrician sets up a brand new box that houses all the electrical connections. It’s also often called the fuse box. 

“We have installed 120 volt power to all the units and all of the amenities,” says Erickson. “We are also providing the data, the fire alarm, and the TV connections.”

No matter the task, each member of Benson has been committed to installing electrical that is safe and up to code. It’s this dedication to safety for its staff and its clients that makes Power North proud to call Benson a member.

“We have installed 120 volt power to all the units and all of the amenities. We are also providing the data, the fire alarm, and the TV connections.”

With big projects come big challenges but this isn’t Benson Electric’s first day on the job. The company has been around for over 100 years. Their team knows how to assess challenges and complications and find solutions. 


“We’ve dealt with core drilling and stuff like that,” says Holmes. “We’ve got to make sure everything is up to standards and meets everyone’s needs, especially P&R.”


“The weather is always a challenge,” explains Erickson. “It rained all spring long. On big rain days, we have to stop work or try to figure out another place to work inside the building. Also, with the late winter we had, we couldn’t dig into the ground due to the frost.” 


Apprentice Connor Hady added, “One of the biggest challenges has been changes to plans. We’ve been able to work through this and solve each challenge though.”


Despite changes and challenges, the Benson team keeps working away day after day on the project. With each passing week, the project continues to take shape. Very soon now, families and friends will be able to move into their new homes.

Progress So Far
If you’re wondering about the progress, here’s a clip from P&R at the construction site. 


While there is still much to be done, you can be sure the Benson team will get it done. 

When the lights finally go on in 2023, it will be in big part to the competent team at Benson Electric. Each team plays a part in making a building exist and Benson’s role has been vital. Their handiwork will ensure that residents have power to live their lives to the fullest. 

Power of Union 
Every partner of Power North is powered by union workers. By hiring union members, each company is making a commitment to quality wages and a great quality of life. 

“I get great wages and good benefits. Best of all is that they care about their members and take care of you,” states Kaiser. 

Union also means that companies like Benson get the best in the biz. Expertise matters in every profession but when it comes to something as important and potentially dangerous as electricity, expertise is vital. Each journeyman apprentices for 5 years before they can become a full-fledged electrician. Their onsite training and guidance from professionals in the field means the best grow the next generation of the best. 

Hire the Best
If you’re looking for quality electricians, consider a Power North team. Each member provides the leading electricians in the field and improves the community by offering competitive wages and benefits. Hiring a Power North member also means every project is done safely and to the highest standards. 

Power North is a collective of the best union electricians across Northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin. Our goal is to highlight the amazing work our members accomplish and the impact they have on the communities they serve.