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The Journey to Becoming a Journeyman: Your Top 4 Questions Answered

Are you considering a job in the electrical industry? Becoming a journeyman electrician is a great career choice. It comes with high wages, great benefits, and lots of job security. How do you get from A to being certified? The best path is an apprenticeship program. 

What is a journeyman electrician? 
Someone who is trained and qualified to wire, install, and repair electrical equipment and systems in a way that meets the latest code and safety standards. They work in a range of settings, from residential, commercial, or industrial. 

How do you become a journeyman electrician? 
One of the easiest paths is to start an apprenticeship. There are many different types of programs but we recommend the Inside Wireman training program offered by the IBEW/NECA Twin Ports Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC). This 5-year apprenticeship program is taught by the Electrical Training ALLIANCE and keeps up with State of Minnesota set standards. Each student will spend 900 hours in the classroom and 8,000 hours on the job training. You are paid for all the hours you spend in the field. 

Todd Anderson of Benson Electric Company went through the program. 

“It was great being exposed to all the different aspects of the trade, there’s so many different ones,” he states. “You get to hear different people’s experiences, get great training materials, and aren’t just thrown out there without knowing anything about it. They really teach you and don’t just treat you as cheap labor.”  

Nick Nummela from Benson added, “I did the apprenticeship and it really set me up. I did night school and it gave me a great base knowledge for what we found in the field.” 

What to expect from a job site? 
Hands-on training is crucial for building skills and knowledge in the electrical field. As an apprentice, you’ll work at a range of worksites allowing you to become well-rounded and apply what you’re learning in class. You’ll also find yourself working with the latest in industry tools and equipment and making connections with potential future employers. 

“My apprenticeship was probably my favorite part,” says Mike Norlen of Holden Electric Co. “Just switching around, getting to meet different people and work with different guys. You really get to see how things are done differently and different experiences at different companies.” 

“I like that the apprenticeship program was very diverse,” added Michael Jezierski of Lake Superior Energy Company. “You’d work for different contractors and get a lot of experience, from residential, to commercial, to industrial, depending on what kind of projects are going on at the time.”

How do you get started? 
If you’re looking for a career path where you’ll be paid to learn and come out with an in-demand skill set, the Inside Wireman training program is for you. To learn more and apply, click here