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The Journey to Becoming a Journeyman: Your Top 4 Questions Answered

Are you considering a job in the electrical industry? Becoming a journeyman electrician is a great career choice. It comes with high wages, great

The Value of Apprenticeships: Start a Great Career with an Electrician Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships play a crucial role in preparing people for great careers in the electrical industry. The IBEW/NECA Twin Ports Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training

Power North Electricians Update Bakery at Miller Hill Super One Foods

Amidst World War II, Tony and Ida Miner scrapped enough money together in 1943 to open a tavern. Business seemed fine but the couple

What Career Is Best for the Long-haul? Become a Union Electrician

Is your career safe? Every day a new article comes out about the potential of AI and robots changing the job landscape. If you’re

Hunt Electric Lights Up New Zenith HCHS Apartments

Duluth, Minnesota’s historic high school is a gem of the city’s past. So when Saturday Properties purchased the building to renovate it into apartments